Little Box Creations is dedicated to fine craftsmanship and strong customer relationships. Every pixel is hand-crafted; every line of code is hand-written. Our websites comply with web standards, so your site can be viewed on any browser just as you intended. Our designs are creative and well organized and easily integrate across different media. We design user friendly websites, fast loading mobile apps, clean logos and graphics, and anything else you can imagine. We strive to make your vision clear and engaging, everywhere. For more information, e-mail us.

Web Design and Content Management

We design and build custom websites that work on all browsers and follow web standards. Our sites are easily updatable, organized, and fast. We are particularly experienced with assisting authors, musicians, filmmakers, and other artists in representing their work.

Blog Design and Maintenance

We have worked with best-selling authors to design video and written blogs for ongoing interaction with their readers.

Identity and Graphic Design

We integrate design concepts across the full range of digital and print visual mediums including print designs, logos, icons, business cards, etc.

Mobile Websites and Applications

We build phone applications and websites for fast mobile viewing.

Flash Banners

We create Flash banners to provide an engaging and fun presentation of your work. They display an extra bit of energy for your product or event.


We consult with clients to create digital and visual designs tailored to their needs in areas beyond this brief list of design activities.